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The UX of AI

Designing Human-Centered Machine Learning

Our Mission

Started in Cambridge in 2011 Dovetailed has always been a design agency aimed at helping creating technology with real impact. Our background in user experience helps us put humans at the centre of everything we do. Through this approach we have helped develop and launch innovation products for over a decade.

Our experience and unique multi-skilled team have made us the go-to place for AI and ML companies developing the next generation of world changing products. See some of the examples below or drop us a line so we can discuss your needs, we’d love to hear from you!

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Eye to AI

Find out if the AI you are using in your business is offering the best

possible results and return on investment!

From virtual assistants and chatbots to process automation and data

analysis – we are here to help!

We will use our eyes and deep thinking to evaluate the User Experience of

your AI. We will create a personalised AI check service which will review Key Performance Indicators to ensure the technology you are using is not letting you or your business down.

AI Check Service
  • 2 meetings to agree KPIs and present findings

  • Evaluation of 1 system based on 3 agreed KPIs

  • Detailed design recommendation

£400 + VAT*

*Pay £50 + VAT to book an initial meeting with us. If you then go on to book our full AI Check Service, this will be taken off the final payment.

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Our Projects

Delivering Something Special

How to predict traffic?

An apparently insatiable desire for online shopping has transformed the demands of logistics firms. We worked with a client that wanted to turbo-boost these changes with ground-breaking ML technology. We undertook user research and worked alongside the team throughout the project, defining the needs and aims for the development and then delivered designs rooted in understanding how things work on the ground. Resulting in a solution capable of transforming the future of the sector.

Secondmind has developed the world’s first principled AI platform for generalised decision-making. It learns autonomously and makes decisions in order to achieve goals in high-dimensional, dynamic systems like financial markets, smart cities, online games and logistics. Secondmind invited Dovetailed to conduct comprehensive user research, and we have worked closely with their team to understand how humans might interact with future AI-based systems to achieve desirable outcomes.

Of particular interest has been how to build trust in AI so that humans are comfortable acting on computer-driven instructions and how to motivate people to act in a way which may seem counter-intuitive. Our research and analysis of unmet needs has shaped a vision for AI 

user-experience design, still relatively unexplored in human-computer interaction.

We conducted 1-to-1 interviews with 15 participants who were recruited from five different industries, identified by Secondmind as being of high strategic importance for the company. User surveys were developed in a highly collaborative manner with the internal development team to fully understand the operational demands of particular industries and uncover potential insights into how AI-based systems could add value. Discussion of existing workflows, daily routines and responsibilities helped to shape user personas and visionary user-journeys which in turn informed later UX design work and wireframes.

Our research, design and user studies have helped Secondmind to answer important questions to flesh out their vision. This vision-setting informs their companies on-going mission to deliver the best of AI through intelligently designed solutions.

Finding the facts

How to make sense of what people are saying online?

Every day, millions of blog posts and articles, tweets and comments, videos and posts are created online. With so much content around, it becomes very difficult to stay on top of what is being said and what information is presented in a misleading, biased or even hateful way. We worked with a client to improve their platform for analysing content and made sure it is tailored to the respective user groups.

Factmata developed a tool to find trusted, unbiased news sources by looking at their factuality and bias. This programme was targeted towards marketing and brand specialists so they could see what the public discourse was about their product or client. It would also aid Government officials in understanding the public's needs and wants, and in turn craft better policies. Our task was to optimise the structure and design of the tool.

We optimised and simplified the interface to create a better experience for the user. We started by dividing the user base into groups with the help of personas based on their needs and product usage. We then created specialised user interfaces for each persona. After that was achieved, we brought all the UIs together and created a 'master', which served as a base template for all potential future user groups.

By tailoring the interface for each user group, we were able to target the unique needs of each persona. This allowed for a streamlined user experience without cluttering the user interface and overwhelming the user.

Dovetailed developed a user interface that is straightforward and differentiates from competing tools. A design system was created to make the product easily scalable in the future. In addition, Dovetailed created three unique UI sets for each of the three user groups.

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